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    .com ₹ 949 ₹ 990
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    .in ₹ 569₹ 590
    .org ₹ 1050₹ 1199
    .info ₹ 2100₹ 2499
  • OFFER ₹ 470₹ 590
  • .asia ₹ 1099₹ 2099
  • .co ₹ 2800₹ 3000
  • .us ₹ 990₹ 1150
  • .net ₹ 1449₹ 1690
  • .biz ₹ 1649₹ 1899

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Domain Registration Price Renewal Price Transfer Price Minimum Term
.com Hot ₹ 949 ₹ 990 ₹ 949 1 year
.in ₹ 569 ₹ 590 ₹ 569 1 year ₹ 470 ₹ 499 ₹ 470 1 year
.net ₹ 1449 ₹ 1449 ₹ 1449 1 year
.org ₹ 1050 ₹ 1150 ₹ 1050 1 year
.asia New ₹ 1099 ₹ 1099 ₹ 1099 1 year
.co ₹ 2800 ₹ 2800 ₹ 2800 1 year
.info ₹ 2100 ₹ 2100 ₹ 2100 1 year
.biz ₹ 1649 ₹ 1649 ₹ 1649 1 year
.us ₹ 990 ₹ 990 ₹ 990 1 year

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Domain name indemnifies identity of your website, just like your home address depicting your name and location, similarly domain name enable customers visit your website directly. Are you planning to run your website then domain name registration and choosing the right domain name extension is the first step.

Every domain name you book is valid for 1 year only and it is very important to renew it every year, imagine your lost your sim card which you had been using almost a year long. For safety, it is always possible to renew your domain name for multiple years in advance.

Join online world with website and domain name registration as your business face card.

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Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

A Domain Name works as your Business Identity worldwide or we can say in other words if we have to search your business on Internet so you need a domain name. And to promote your business you need to promote your Domain name online on internet so that your business presence should exist online.

There are multiple Domain Registrars from where you can Book Domain Name and their respective partners, Online Trouble Shooters is one of them and you have to choose Domain name based on its availability.

One should make sure while choosing domain name that it should be easy to remember and it should convey your Company name and your business as it is very important to keep the visibility online.

Every Domain has its own importance , The most commonly used Domain Extensions are .COM , .IN , .CO.IN ,.NET .ORG etc.

.COM - This is the most desired extension. Earlier this domain was only essential for the use of Commercial purpose but now it has importance globally for the use of all kinds of websites

.IN - It is the top-level domain which is the internet county code for INDIA. This domain extension is authorized by .IN Registry which comes under NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India ) and it is appointed by the Government of India.

.CO.IN - In most of the countries .co is used as a second level domain for commercial purpose and domain registrars register these kind of domains in the form of example .co.xx (where xx is a country code of top level domain now it can be of any country.(E.g. , etc.)

.NET - This domain is gTLD(Generic top-level Domain) and this domain extension is developed from the word NETWORK , indicating only for the organizations or companies involving only in network technologies .(E.g.- Internet Providers )

.ORG - The domain is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) the name is developed from organization. These days this domain is used for Non-profit organizations as well.

It should be short and simple

One can pronounce and spell it easily

Has to be niche and brand able

Avoid hyphens (-)

Avoid repeating letters

Minimum character limit for a domain is three and maximum 63 characters.

Now this is a most commonly question asked by customer’s. It is one of the first and most important priority you’ll make. It’s also something you’re going to carry forward long lasting.

You need to choose which TLD (top-level domain) is right for your domain. While there cannot be any identical domains, there can be two versions of the same domain with different extensions. For example, is taken, but could also be purchased.

This is the reason some companies will opt to purchase all the commonly used extensions of their domain which is available .So that they can prevent someone else should misuse or taking their name with a different extension. While purchasing other extensions doesn’t give you any kind of profit but purchasing some commonly used extension may give you relaxation from competitors and you can redirect other extensions on your main website for your brand protection purpose.

Normally when we book a domain name, all the contact information related to a domain owner is available in the WHOIS directory. You can protect your all personal details by activating Domain Privacy Policy.

It is not important to purchase Privacy Protection but it depend on individual choice.

Apart from purchasing a domain name you need to have your WEBSITE, E-MAILS and SSL CERTIFICATE.

WEBSITE: It is an individual choice where one should get their website develop or not .Normally they should in case if they promote their business online.

E-mails: It is very important to use Business E-mail id which can be It shows professionalism as well as it is good for branding.

SSL Certificate: Don't let your visitors see that your website is "Not Secure". So it is important to have SSL.

A domain validity is limited for 1 year, while purchasing a domain name it depend you want to buy it for a period of time like 1 Year, 5 Years. After this period is over you have to renew your domain name on time otherwise it will get expire.

If a domain name is not renewed within the renewal time given by service provider, it would be go under deletion period at the end of renewal grace period and once deleted it is difficult to get back the domain name.

With this a Domain owner will lose his website data as well email data running on it.

You can transfer your domain name to Online Trouble Shooters in just few steps.

Your domain should be unlock from your domain provider

You should have EPP/Transfer Code

You should have the access of e-mail id connected to you domain

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