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Send Mails to customers, newsletter subscribers, promotional campaign, discount mailers, monthly informative mailers, EDMs using Bulk Email VPS. Connect to any online or offline application and start sending emails.

Get On Demand DKIM, SPF, DMARC, IP Rotation, rDNS for better delivery of Emails.

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Bulk Email VPS Specification and Features

Easy to use Bulk Email Servers with with free services


We Provide VPS Virtualization with KVM, so you get exact Server Resources to Send Emails using SMTP Server.


You get Full Server Access of Mailing VPS where you can install your application using SSH or Cpanel.


Sending large mailers required good number of IPs in IP Rotation. You can Buy Additional IPs in a pack of 5 IPs @ USD 4 per IP.


Setting DKIM will clarify the recipient that the mail you are sending is coming from your domain only.


Sender Policy Framework will help recipient validating that you are actual sender and not a spammer.


DMARC is used to protect you from domain spoofing. You can get DMARC report on your email address if specified.


Reverse DNS or PTR is set for every IP address in form of .in-addr.arpa


Manage Email, Upload Files or Database using Cpanel / WHM.


Rotate your IP address within an hour to get mails moving out every time with different IP address.


SSD over SATA Drives are always better as you get better speed and faster delivery.


Connect your SMTP to any software, install on Web or run it using your Desktop.


Get your VPS Installed at no Setup Fee on monthly contracts.

Bulk Email VPS - FAQ's

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Our Service.

As IPv4 are already on its finishing stage, all IPs we provide are reused IP addresses.

Within 24 hours of Server Delivery if you are facing any problem, yes we can. After that you can always buy Additional IPs.

You can request for Free Spam filter, we can provide one in backend which can filter your junk data to avoid you getting blocked.

Just drop an email at info@onlinetroubleshooters.com with your VPS details and we will set it for you.

We do not offer any kind of refunds for Bulk Email VPS.

Bulk Emailing VPS normally get filled with logs, hosting website is not suggestive on them.

Its’ your VPS with full access you can use it for transactional or promotional emails.

We can only provide you VPS from which mails will go out. Are they going to Inbox or Spam depends upon your content and mail size. We do not provide any such guarantee at all.

Always create your mailer in HTML and Text, keep 50-50 ratio of image and text. Always use unsubscribe link. Change your mailer subject and content after intervals or rotate them.

You have to keep backup as we do not offer any backup Service for Bulk Email VPS.

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