Voice Broadcasting

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Voice Broadcasting

Select plan that fits your requirement or ask us to customize.




  • 10,000 Voice Messages
  • Quick Delivery
  • Web Control Panel




  • 100,000 Voice Messages
  • Quick Delivery
  • Web Control Panel

Voice Broadcasting Features

Actual Call Charged

Get charged only for recieved calls and not for submitted calls.

Audio Files

Easy upload of audio files and change them infinite times whenever needed.

Web Access

Send Voice Messages using online control panel with few simple clicks.

Reseller Whitelabel Panel

Sell Voice Messaging Solutions with White label panel as reseller.

Schedule Voice Messages

Set specific time for messages and get delivery as Scheduled voice messages.


Send messages in numbers to outreach fast your users.

Reports in Excel

Download your messages sent report for future analysis.

Contacts List

Upload / Import your contact list with unlimited contacts.


Connect us 24 x7 for all your queries via ticket system.

Voice Messaging - FAQ's

Find answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Our Service.

We do not limit any quantity. You can send complete quantity you have purchased in one single day or send few at a time.

We provide unlimited validity of all your purchase. Till the time your stock does not last you can keep them or if not there any change in policy by telecom authorities.

We only provide you Server to send Voice messages in India, numbers you have to arrange at your end. We are not data provider.

As of now we are only offering voice messages in India only. We will update you in future if we enable Voice Calls Service for other countries.

Please ask for a trial on our live chat, we will be happy to show you our services, before you buy them.

Need to ask? Create Ticket or Call Our Team 24x7

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